Best Of
The Necessary Stage (Singapore)

道德 Tao Te
Ferenc Fehér (Hungary)

赤子 Haru & Mina
Hideaki Hamada (Japan)


28 December 2012 - The Artist Who Rips Flowers For Art

25 December 2012

The Straits Times Life! - 'It's okay to talk out on us' (Interview with PENG! Palast of the holycoaster s(HIT) circus)

The Straits Times Life! - Dancing to Shaolin gongfu moves (Interview with Ferenc Fehér of 道德 Tao Te)

22 December 2012

联合早报 (Lianhe Zaobao) - 以现代舞读《道德经》 (Preview of 道德 Tao Te by Ferenc Fehér)

20 December 2012

联合早报 (Lianhe Zaobao) - M1新加艺穗节:艺术与娱乐水乳交融 (M1 Singapore Fringe Festival: A mixture of Art & Entertainment) - M1 Fringe Blurs Line Between Art and Entertainment



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