Hello from the Fringe

Welcome to the world of Art & Entertainment as the M1 Singapore Fringe Festival returns for its ninth year.

Fringe 2013 promises a variety of ticketed and free performances, interactive events and artistic exchanges, covering music, dance, theatre and visual arts. And as always, there will be talk-back sessions with the artists after each Live Fringe performance.

We have three Fringe Highlights this year: 道德 Tao Te, by Hungarian dancer-choreographer Ferenc Fehér, is a duet for male dancers which combines freestyle dance and martial arts; In 赤子 Haru & Mina, Osaka-based photographer Hideaki Hamada presents a fascinating collection of photographs of his two young children as they explore the world around them; Finally, The Necessary Stage presents a brand new play Best Of starring the incomparable Siti Khalijah Zainal in a one-woman show.

As with previous years, Fringe 2013 will see a staple of exciting, emerging and exploratory Singapore artists pushing the boundaries of art as they spar with the theme.

Albert Tiong's newly formed dance company Re: Dance Theatre will present Revisit the Sunflower, a multi-disciplinary collaborative performance about contemporary society and its ever-changing landscape. This show will be the company's first commission.

The Fringe is also proud to present, for the first time, veteran company Teater KAMi. C.I.N.T.A, created and presented by the company's emerging artists, is a collection of short plays that look at love and loving in Singapore.

Also featured for the first time is local artist Fong Qi Wei, whose masterful Brush Strokes of Nature will be exhibited at the National Museum of Singapore.

The Fringe is also delighted to present an evening of entertaining sonic art. This once-in-a-lifetime double-bill features Kyo Ichinose, a master of electronic music and Teruyuki Nobuchika, known as much for his experimental albums as for his scoring of Japanese films and drama series.

In line with next year's theme, we have come up with a Fringe Art & Entertainment Awards. Here are the winners.

The award for Most Bizarre Scenario goes to Going on the Way to Get Lost, by GOTANNDADAN, a leading Japanese theatre company. The play features a young woman going on a journey with her unborn sister, imagined as an adult. You have to see it to believe it.

The award for Best Title goes to the holycoaster s(HIT) circus. This threesome collaboration (German-Swiss-Israeli) is a politically incorrect mash-up of mockumentary film and live circus performance.

The award for Best Review goes to esnes.n.on2 (nonsense spelled backwards) by cieLaroque | helene weinzierl. Three strangers in India go on a Bollywood romp in this show which prompted one reviewer to write: "This dance performance... does not encourage the viewer to look for a deeper meaning."

Finally, the award for Best Costume goes to Xtra Large, which features dancers performing in fatsuits. Inspired by Fernando Botero, Compagnie Irène K. presents a fascinating choreography full of humour, burlesque and drama.

But don't just take our word for it. Check out the full listings and decide who your winners are. Write-ups of all the works, as well as links to the artists’ websites, can be found on this website. Do also join us on Facebook and Twitter.

The M1 Singapore Fringe Festival 2013 invites you to bask in a sea of entertainment - with art thrown in for good measure.

Get involved.

Haresh Sharma
Co-Artistic Director, M1 Singapore Fringe Festival