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M1 Singapore Fringe Festival – i, Frida [Visual Description]

Short description:
This video trailer features an excerpt from the performance of I, Frida by Ay! Caramba Theatre as part of the M1 Singapore Fringe Festival 2021. In this humorous excerpt, the female performer talks about the music she grew up with, and demonstrates the accompanying dances one after another.


[Video Starts]


Quick fade-in of a brightly coloured logo against a dark background.

Logo has text that reads:

“M1 Singapore Fringe Festival”

“Quiet Riot!”


“20 – 31 Jan”


Logo fades away to reveal a young Hispanic woman with long wavy hair partially tied back, clad in a red top, khaki jacket and black tights standing centre-stage as she speaks to the audience.


White text appears in left corner of screen. It reads:

“I, Frida.”

“Ay! Caramba Theatre (Canada | Ecuador)”


She speaks:

“All I knew was the music that I grew up dancing with…”


She flashes an impish smile as she says, “Our music.”


She points to the audience and, “Salsa.” As an upbeat salsa tune plays, she smiles widely and begins dancing energetically with hip gyrations.


She twirls around, points at the audience, and shouts, “Tango!” She breaks into a tango dance to a dramatic milonga with an invisible partner, kicking her leg with each change of direction.


White text appears in top right corner of screen. It reads:

“… a deeply relevant story.”—The Saskatoon Star Phoenix


White text appears in bottom left corner of screen. It reads:

“I, Frida”

“25 – 31 January 2021”

“Via Video on Demand”


She twirls around again, points and says, “Merengue,” and shakes her hips vigorously to a lively merengue tune.


She points both hands at the audience and shouts, “Samba,” waves her hands in the air and begins dancing the samba with vigor.


She calls out, “Cumbia”, places her hands on her hips, then holds out her arms outstretched and twirls around dancing the cumbia.


White text appears in bottom left corner of screen. It reads:

“Supported by the High Commission of Canada in Singapore”


She ends off with “Reggaeton”. She shrugs somewhat, turns around with her bum arched to the audience, and starts to do the Reggaeton-style grind to the audience’s laughter.


Fades to a large colourful logo on a black background. It reads:

“M1 Singapore Fringe Festival”

“Quiet Riot!”



She stops dancing and laughs, fanning herself. She brushes her hair from her shoulders and says, “Ooh, it’s hot in here.” The scene fades out.


Fades to white text on black background. It reads:

“Book your tickets at SISTIC now.”



[Video ends]