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Rindu di Bulan (明月千里寄相思)

Rupa co.lab

“While the story might be considered controversial, [Hazwan Norly’s] writing is never sensationalist, and his warm compassion and a strong sense of humour ensures the narrative never descends into simplistic caricature.”
The Straits Times Life on Pandan

“A powerful, no holds barred production that shows how the things we suppress will eventually come to light, and the all-important, redemptive power of acceptance.”
—Bakchormeeboy on Pandan

A damsel is stranded on the moon without her memory, but with an adult-sized poetry-spouting rabbit. As they attempt to unravel the truth behind the absurdity, 385,000 km away, a Malay household grapples with the intricacies of their current state.

Mak, in her zealousness of preparing for one of the religious milestones, the mini-pilgrimage, is confronted with the harsh reality that she has been living her daily life with her non-mahram* adopted son.

Written by Raimi Safari and directed by Adib Kosnan, Rindu di Bulan (明月千里寄相思) marries two stories of hope, love and kinship transcending both space and time.

*In Islam, a mahram is a member of one’s family with whom marriage would be considered haram (illegal in Islam); from whom concealment of the body with hijab is not obligatory

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The intertwining stories in Rindu di Bulan (明月千里寄相思) uncover the ways in which comfort, hope and assistance come in many shapes and forms, even when these come at a cost.

In the midst of absurdity, a lady without memories is soothed by a rabbit, both bonded by a fierce yet unfathomable love. On the other side of this world, Mak and her adopted son find themselves at the edge of connection, and attempt to find the path to a collective redemption.

A young woman is stuck on the moon. A big rabbit is with her. She cannot remember what happened. Both of them try to find out what has happened to them.

Back on Earth, a Malay family is having many problems. Mak excitedly prepares for the important mini-pilgrimage. But she is living with her adopted son, who is non-mahram

Rindu di Bulan (明月千里寄相思) is written by Raimi Safari and directed by Adib Kosnan. It combines two stories of hope, love and family that crosses space and time.

* In Islam, a mahram is a family member that you cannot marry. A woman does not need to cover her body with a hijab when around this person.

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These two stories show how there are many ways to get comfort, hope and help. But sometimes it will cost you something.

The lady without her memories is in a strange situation. But she is comforted by the rabbit. They are bonded by  a fierce love that is hard for others to understand. Back on earth, Mak and her adopted son try to connect again. They find a way to live together in line with their faith.