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Screen. Shot.

Bound Theatre

“Their sincere acting and dynamic physicality propel them to achieve artful storytelling despite the minimal resources available—something of a rarity in recent times.
—Centre 42’s Citizen Reviewers on The Taste of Water

A Primary School student has gone missing. He was last seen at the Dragonfly After-School Care Centre. The online community erupts in wild speculation. Vivien, the chairperson of the centre, is being called a paedophile. Everyone seems to have an opinion and a truth they present. But no two truths align.

Screen. Shot. explores how the rapid propagation of fake news on social media can spiral out of control. How should one behave online where social norms seem to differ from real life interactions?

Venue Support by Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts.

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In Screen. Shot., the characters have a level of influence in their respective communities. As the scandal unravels, each “influencer” had an opportunity to stop the fire from spreading. But they didn’t.

How do we help someone caught in the midst of fire? Is spreading all information that we see online the way to getting the objective truth? Are there better ways to help the situation?

The power of social media can help and harm. No matter the intention of the inventors of social media, the use of it has evolved from connecting with friends and like-minded people, helping create a close-knit community, and promoting freedom of speech, to a platform of smoke and mirrors, fraught with doxxing and cancel culture.

A Primary School student has gone missing. The last time people saw him was at Dragonfly After-School Care Centre. 

People are guessing and making up many stories online. The chairperson of the Centre is Vivien. People are saying that she is sexually attracted to children. Everyone has their own opinion, but nobody knows the truth. Screen. Shot. looks at how fake news can spread very quickly online. The online world is very different from real life. What is the right thing to do online?

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In Screen. Shot., each person could take action to stop the problem from getting worse but they did not.  

How do we help when someone is in trouble? Does sharing information we read online help spread the truth? Are there better ways to help? 

Social media can help and harm. Social media used to be a way to connect with friends and people with similar interests, create close groups, and allow people to express their thoughts. 

Now, social media is used to make it hard to find the truth, post a person’s private information without their permission, and lead to groups of people to quickly shun a member of a group due to their actions or beliefs.