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Travis Clausen-Knight & James Pett
(United Kingdom)

“Travis dancing with balletic flair, awe-inspiring strength and control, in what can only be likened to Tai Chi, and James dancing with fire and aggression, teetering on the point of losing control yet still holding onto his trained technique.”
— on Informal Inbetween by PROJECTion Dance


In Psychoanalysis – an unconscious idealised mental image of someone which influences a person’s behaviour.
In Entomology – the final and fully developed adult stage of an insect, typically winged.

How do we alter ourselves when confronted with dysfunctions within a relationship?
What is the reality the body and mind are hiding?
What subtle presence reveals what we fear to say?

Co-choreographed and performed by partners Travis Clausen-Knight and James Pett, this dynamic dance film questions if we are what we say we are, or do we become reconstructed in the hopes to hold onto some idea of happiness? Are we willing to sacrifice so much of ourselves and forget our freedom just to savour what we believe to be love?

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Imago’s exploration into the toxic nature of abusive relationships reflects on the development of those as victims. The festival’s theme of “The Helpers” is reflected deeply in the premise of the work through the victim’s conscious choice to rescue themselves from these toxic environments. This form of help is a powerful and brave aspect we should acknowledge not only to ourselves, but also to inspire others to believe they have the strength to rescue themselves.

Imago has two meanings.

  1. In the study of minds, Imago is the image of someone who influences how you behave.
  2. In the study of insects, Imago is when an insect with wings becomes a full adult. 

How do we change ourselves when we have problems in a relationship?
What are we hiding?
What are we afraid to say?

Travis Clausen-Knight and James Pett design and perform this dance film.

The film asks us

  1. Do we say who we really are?
  2. Do we change ourselves to be happy in one fixed way?
  3. Do we give up our freedom to get what we think is true love?

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Imago looks at 

  1. relationships where one  person harms another. 
  2. what happens to the victim after that

The festival’s theme is “The Helpers”. How the victims help themselves to get away is related to this theme. Helping ourselves is very strong and brave. We should show others that they can do the same too.